To bring back the splendour of the past



Antique Furniture

Our team of experts in restoration specializes in bring back the splendour of to antique furniture.

We use traditional and modern techniques to repair damages, to recover the original structure and highlight the beauty of each piece. Trust in us to preserve and enhance the value of your antique furniture with love and expertise.


Works of Art

The works of art require a specialized approach in its restoration.

We have the experience and knowledge necessary to preserve the integrity and the value of your art works, repairing damage, eliminating dirt and restoring the original shine.

Trust us to take care of your artistic treasures with the dedication and skill you deserve.


Decorative Objects

Decorative objects play an important role in the aesthetics of a space.

If you have decorative items damaged or in bad condition, we can help you to restore its beauty and functionality. From vases old to lamps vintage, we apply precise techniques and high quality materials to give back its splendor and turn them into real characters of your decor.


Preventive Conservation

Preventive conservation is critical to preserving the integrity of your valuable objects over time.

We offer the services of preventive conservation to protect your antique furniture, works of art and decorative objects of the environmental factors and the natural deterioration. Our proactive approach will help maintain the beauty and value of your pieces for generations.

Not only do we take care of the physical restoration of your items, but we also provide consulting services and advice. If you need information about the authenticity of a piece, advice for the care or recommendations to be displayed in an appropriate way, we're here to help. Our team of experts will be happy to share their knowledge with you.

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